pH effect

One of the causes of aging is that our body “acidifies” – the unhealthier lifestyle we are living and unhealthier food we are eating, the lower is the hydrogen ion concentration, or pH, in our blood and, thus, the lower is the ability of our body’s cells to absorb oxygen.

pH level of a healthy man’s blood is 7.4. Regular consumption of such products as meat, sweets, alcohol, nicotine, sweetened beverages and coffee lowers the blood pH level and makes us look older, feel more tired and get sick more often.

In order to restore the body’s optimal acid/alkaline balance, which is required for its normal functioning, we must eat more fruit and vegetables or drink alkaline water, that is, water with a pH level exceeding 7.4. This water is hard to find in nature for it is very rare. The pH level of even the purest spring water or different kinds of mineral waters does not generally exceed 5 or 6.